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Principle of operation of a solar power plant

Measuring the quality of electricity at solar power plants.

Reduce your expenses in your Home and business company with installation of PV power plant. PV system reduce up to 90% your electrical power bill. With this solution you have green energy from PV system without air pollution. Solar energy has purpose in:

  • heating and cooling

  • lighting

  • mechanical energy

  • electrical energy for all consumers.

Return of investment is 5 to 7 years depend of size PV power plant.

Lifespan PV equipment is up to 30 years.

PV power plant produce electrical energy and consumers reduce their bills for amount of solar energy produced. The energy is use for self-consumption and exceed energy do not goes in distribution network thanks to utility for monitoring and supervision of PV power plant.

Investing in PV power plant is safe and with very low risk rate.

On grid system refers to every solar system which produce energy for self-consumption and energy for distribution network.

PV system is synchronised with your home installation and work parallel with distribution network. Produced energy is being used for home and company needs.

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