Design and planning PV system

First step is to define power PV power plant. In that purpose we must consider information like useful roof surface, roof orientation and avarage consumer consumption. Based on the local condition, our engineers will determine, size and expected design of PV system (generally we need roof surface from 8 to 10 square meters for peak power of 1 kWp, of course it depends on type of module). Also we must mention that is necessary to prepare space to mount inverters and electrical switchboards just like cable entrance position. Our engineers will guide you during this procedure to find optimal solution which is acceptable for you.

Construction of PV power plant-turnkey system

For designing PV power plant we use specialised software PV*SOL. We make
2D model of position solar modules on the certain object, using investor drawings and satellite footage.

We calculate PV system production, watching on azimut and angle of solar modules,
estimate influence of terrain shadow, trees and other objects. We make reports about voltage drop in cables, connectors and reduced power production because of heating, reflection and pollution of solar modules.

As a result of that, investor gets real prediction of PV system production in months and sometimes few predictions for different PV system. This information helps to make right decision.

Inspection of quality electrical energy before and after putting PV power plant into operation

We can offer help for necessary inspection and prepare documentation like measuring quality of electrical energy according to standard EN 50160 in test with detailed report.